Saturday, July 17, 2010


There are two sorts of people in the world; those who blog and those who want to. Cynics deride bloggers for polluting the internet with inane updates about their personal lives or unnecessary discussion of the same, tired, popular culture. Nevertheless, the desire to blog still gnaws their hearts. No matter what one thinks of the blogosphere it is impossible to escape the fallacious belief that somehow, one might avoid that pitfalls that have trapped others. That, somehow, one might do it better.
Ordinarily I am quite good at suppressing this desire (I wish I could say the same when it comes to other vices). Today however, I find myself at home with bronchitis. Being sick all weekend is not pleasant, but it does have advantages. It is light on the bank balance, and it allows one the time to catch up on study finally create a blog. Being sick might also explain why, when it came to picking a blog name (a frustrating process) I resorted to a bacteria related pun. 

Ostensibly this blog's theme is everything that falls within the dubious moniker 'culture.' By which I take to mean primarily the arts, politics and philosophy. I say 'ostensibly' because at times I may digress from this theme. It might be better to say that this blog is devoted to two largely interrelated subjects: things I think, and things I like. 

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