Thursday, July 22, 2010


According to various media outlets the latest craze is iDoser, which purports to be a way to experience the same 'high' offered by illicit substances merely by listening to an audio recording. iDoser claims that its advanced binaural beats work by synchronizing the user's brainwaves to the same state as the recreational dose. Effects are supposed to include euphoria, sedation and even hallucination. According to over a million people have payed to download idoser, and presumably millions more have tried the pirated versions floating around. In the name of 'science' I decided to try this product out. 

Does it work?

Not unless what qualifies as a 'high' for you is limited to ringing ears and a feeling of nausea. I tried a wide variety of 'doses', following all the directions (high fidelity headphones, lying down in a quiet, dark room etc) and experienced none of the effects iDoser is purported to induce. They have an answer ready of course. Just like hypnotism, iDoser claims that not everyone is susceptible. Given the way in which iDoser is meant to work however, this claim is dubious. It would entail that my brainwaves resonate at a completely different frequency to the rest of the population. I can't say I'm surprised that iDoser doesn't work. After all, the drugs that it claims to emulate work by inhibiting or releasing neurotransmitters.  They temporarily alter the actual physiology of the brain itself. 

In my opinion, the closest an aural experience has even come to drugs is Massive Attack. Their music, with its sluggish tempo, exacting production values, and thumping beats, really does verge on a drug trip. Tracks like Black Milk and Group Four are what one might imagine heroin to be like. On the other hand, Inertia Creeps has a restless, jittery, energy more akin to amphetamines. Granted, listening to Massive Attack won't get you high any more than iDoser, but it will alter your mood. 

Not to mention that their music videos are produced in a way that is unparalleled. 
Give them a watch and you'll agree; the 90's were cooler than you thought. 

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